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What is the Best Dry Skin Therapy to Treat Your Dry Skin?   by Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

in Health / Fitness    (submitted 2008-11-16)

What is dry skin therapy? Do you need one? How can it help you? Has anyone asked you these questions before? If not, let me be the first one to do so. A lot of people these days are not aware of their skin condition and they simply don't bother. They don't even spend a few minutes a day to take care of their skin. By the time they notice something different in their skin, things would have gotten a lot more complicated.

People with dry skin, for the most part, are not aware of it. So, let me first explain you the symptoms of dry skin.

1. After a shower or face wash, your skin becomes excessively tight or feels extremely clean without a hint of moisture or sebum.

2. Your skin often feels rough.

3. You have peeling, itching, reddening, and flaking of skin.

4. You have wrinkles or even worse, cracks.

If you said yes to two or more points above, you most certainly have dry skin and definitely require dry skin therapy. So, let us take a look at it now.

The first step in treating dry skin is to stop using soap. Soaps are harsh and they tend to make your skin very dry. They simply deprive your skin of essential moisture. So, stop using soap and start using a mild cleanser today. Cleansers are not as harsh as soaps and they tend to cleanse your skin mildly. Moreover, they retain the essential moisture in your skin. So, using a cleanser is one of the best dry skin remedies to begin with. After you start using a cleanser, you can feel the difference in your skin in just a few weeks.

The next step in dry skin therapy is to find a good skin care product and start using it. You can go for a hydrating mask or a moisturizer that can hydrate your skin and keep it soft and supple. The important thing, however, is to find a good product. As you know, the market is flooded with literally hundreds of skin care products from big brands. So, you'll naturally find it difficult to choose one. However, the best way, according to skin care experts, is to go organic.

Organic skin care products are very effective and there is absolutely no risk involved in using them for dry skin remedies. The same thing cannot be said about artificial cosmetic items as they contain some dangerous chemicals which are very harmful to your health. Some of the best organic ingredients include natural vitamin E, functional keratin (which is almost considered a miracle ingredient for dry skin), avocado oil, macadamia oil, manuka honey, and natural vegetable emollients. If you can find a good skin care cream with all or most of these ingredients, go for it immediately.

As with any other thing in life, you need to spend a little time every day for dry skin therapy to get the results you want. So, get a good skin cream today and say goodbye to dry skin forever.