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Volcanic Ash Clay Treatments - Deep Skin Therapy Using Mud Clay To Rejuvenate Skin   by Aaron

in Health / Anti Aging    (submitted 2009-04-27)

As a massage treatment kauai massages offers the very best clay skin care products to help tone and detoxify skin naturally. Watch The Secrets To Beautiful Skin Video Click Here

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Our skin care products are highly sought-after solution for sun damage, blemishes, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles. Beautify your skins natural radiance with this 100% french volcanic mud ash clay.

Reveal your skins natural beauty and radiant looks......After your first application feel brand new and younger looking for years to come...our24 oz bottle could last you up to 6 months if used regularly and as directed.

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Clay Essentials with Pharmaceutical Grade Bentonite Volcanic Ash Clay is nature's secret to flawless skin. Try the Clay Essentials spa experience in your Home. Cleansing Clay Mask is a holistic exfoliant and deep purifying cleanser.

As a skin care treatment, our day spa utilizes the very best skin care used by professional models, and top beauty salons all accross America.

Using a natural skin care product is higly recomended to anyone trying to regain or just maintain beautiful skin. Pore Refining Mask with French Green Clay and much more....

The Ultimate Clay Skin Care Product Clay Face Mask, Clay Essentials

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Clay Essentials can be used any where to softened, tone and detoxify

While facials can cost from $80 to $160 and body wraps from $250 to $350 at professional spas, Clay Essentials Face & Body Masque allows you to achieve the same head-turning results at just a fraction of that expense. One jar provides you with approximately 96 luxurious face and neck treatments, that�s less than $1.00 a treatment! Or get 24 face and neck treatments and 3 full-body treatments in just one jar!

Enriched with vitamins A, E, and C, pomegranate extract, olive leaf extract and hydrolyzed collagen.

* Helps tighten and firm the skin

* Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

* Visibly improves the look of cellulite and stretch marks

* Improves the appearance of dry, �crepe-paper� skin

* Reduces the appearance of sun damage, discoloration and age spots

* Gently exfoliates dull skin, revealing more radiant skin beneath

* Brightens and smoothes skin�s appearance

* Draws out trapped impurities and toxins for cleaner, more �breathable� skin

* Minimizes pores for a more refined look

* Smoothes out rough, dry hands, elbows and other problem areas

* Ideal for all skin types

Get a day spa treatment at home skin care kit, we recommend you try Clay Essential's Beauty mask clay as a skin care regimen.

Clay essentials the first step to younger, cleaner skin. Clay Essentials used by our spa, and our massage therapist for a massage treatment called clay mud wraps, for conditioning and restoring beautiful smooth shiny skin, for a brilliant youthful skin tone. Let these fine skin care products give you a spa feel and look everyday......

The Secret To Beautiful Skin - Clay Mask - Volcanic Treasures, form Hawaii.....


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Clay Essentials

Help to create a nice tone and a supple smooth texture, it also is used as a acne prevention solution. Skin care products made with volcanic ash have been used by top skin care professionals to treat skin problems.

Most dermatologist would highly recommend a natural remedy to skin care medication.... Keep your skin fresh and clean daily with clay essentials to allow your skin to heal as the days go bye.

Acne elimination calls for the best skin care available, that's why we recommend you use what the professionals use, in all major and pro beauty shops.

Most models of today are using volcanic ash clay to help keep skin younger looking and glowing.

Clay Essentials Volcanic Ash Clay has been embraced throughout history for its extraordinary health and cosmetic benefits. Now, these legendary beauty benefits can be yours with Clay Essentials, a unique new line of skin care masques you can enjoy right at home. Our nourishing clay formulas restore your skin�s natural radiance, softness and clarity�at a fraction of the cost of professional spa treatments

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