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The essence of brand marketing cosmetics consumer dream - cosmetics, cosmetics marketing - hairdress   by hi joiney

in News / Business News    (submitted 2010-06-16)

As China's market economy matures, the consumer's ability to gradually strengthen, individual needs become increasingly apparent. In Cosmetic The context of product homogeneity, who of consumer demand, and guide the consumer spending, who will be able to dominate the market. However, in this new marketing environment, the cosmetics industry has faced a lot of confusion, many things we can not explain the present point of view. When we in the "channel is king", "Terminal winning" the rhetoric of struggling, you think your actions are in the right direction?

Listen on Dispersion of the United States as ever, founder of cosmetics.

Essence of marketing is to make consumers remember to use your product, and have the desire to buy your next product, the final analysis, to meet and guide the consumers. It is said that China's cosmetics and cosmetic companies have gone through a "price of the times", "Packaging of the times," "Conceptual Age", "Advertising Age", "brand age", after the plan and the market test of two systems and mechanisms Future Chinese cosmetics to consumers on how to use cosmetics era, that is, the real return to nature cosmetics era of marketing.

1, with the continuous improvement of material life of consumers, consumer spending levels have substantially upgraded to meet consumer demand, the terminal value of 100? 188 yuan of medium and high consumption of cosmetics into the mainstream. In the promotion of high-end products for the enterprise not only brought huge benefits, but also enhance the company's brand power.

2, with the idea of the mature consumer, consumers pay more attention to self-health. As the founder of Mr. Wu Bingxin ecological beauty cosmetics, said, publicizing the beautiful old man the responsibility of all cosmetic companies. With consumers concerned about health, cosmetics, natural resistance, as a basic demand of consumers.

Three different ages of consumer, there are different consumer characteristics and consumer demand. Consumers are using cosmetics to pursue a new consumer brand to give reasons and additional consumer value, which is the brand positioning. Brand positioning should segment the integration of mind of consumers. Obviously, in the new socio-economic development situation, the fashion, cosmetics, fashion elements and classic combination is a cosmetics marketing should be strengthened. In this regard, as the United States and elegant as ever in promoting the U.S. as ever cosmetics cosmetics for 25? 35 years old mainstream consumers, that "easy" brand positioning, in fact a new generation of consumers to meet the new "skin" needs.

In summary, as the cosmetics market era of rational consumption, cosmetics marketing should really return to the study and up to meet the changing needs of consumers. In this regard, you ready? Cosmetics Research and Development is moving towards the direction of