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Start Making Skin Care Products at Home   by Ken Silvers

in Health / Skin Care    (submitted 2011-10-01)

Why should you consider homemade skin care recipes? If you consider the results most people experience when using natural ingredients, you'll see that they are the very same ones as promised by those advertising commercial products. For example:

* Hasten collagen production

* Improve your skin's moisture content

* Boost your skin's ability to protect itself from environmental toxins

* Reduce the effects of free radicals that can damage your skin

* Encourage and stimulate the renewal and repair of your skin cells

* Remove dead skin cell making your skin smooth and youthful

Thinking about these wonderful effect, Is it hard to believe that you're capable of making such therapies at home? Then think again. The truth is that it doesn't take much time or any expensive equipment, and it doesn't take much space. And you don't have to make a mess at home. In fact, you could most likely start right now using ingredients that you have at home!


Let's say you're thinking it all sound very well thinking about the relative ease of making your own skin care products. But where should you start? You don't have any directions or recipes for such products. Let me show you how to get started quickly.

The ingredients

To begin with, just use what you know and have on hand, for example honey, oatmeal, lime, olive oil, coconut oil, carrots and yogurt. Using these simple ingredients you can create many superior skin care masks and scrubs. Later you can add more exotic ingredients as Sea buckthorn seed oil, Almond Oil, Cupuacu butter or acai. When it comes to creating homemade skin care recipes, the sky's the limit!

Imagine pulling oatmeal and honey out of your kitchen cabinet, perhaps adding a one or two other simple ingredients, and quickly make a lotion or a face scrub that makes your skin radiantly beautiful and healthy.

As well you should. The number one advantage of making your own therapies is that all ingredients are natural, edible and will not harm you in anyway. You will notice this when you use natural products for a few weeks, sometimes faster.

When you want to get more advanced, you could also grow a herb garden. Then you'll be lucky enough to have these herbs right outside your kitchen door. Otherwise, fresh herbs (which are highly recommended) can be found at local herbal shops and many health food stores.

But think about this. If you intend to create these treatments for the long-term, you may want to consider growing your own herbs. You can start small with a windowsill garden. Then you can always expand to a small outside garden. But that's for later down the road. In the beginning it's better to keep it simple.

The recipes

If you do a search on Google you'll find many, many recipes for face masks, scrubs, lotions, moisturizers and more. Pick a few simple recipes that you like and try preparing them.

You could also buy a book with skin care recipes. There are a few nice ones around that are packed with wonderful recipes and they usually don't cost that much, around $10-25.

In any case, you can get going with some simple starter recipes. I say starter recipes because once you become experienced in creating these skin treatments, you'll experiment to find the perfect proportions for your personal skin type. Different skin types react differently and you probably have your own preferences when it comes to how you want to smell.

If you buy book on skin care recipes, you'll be guided from being a beginner to becoming more advanced. But even the advanced stage is really very simple.

The result

Some people will feel the result quickly while for others it can take a few weeks. Remember that your skin has been under attack for a while, so don't expect miracles overnight. But if you try to have a regular skin care routine you will start seeing real result soon.