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Skin Care Techniques - Herbal way to skin care   by Barry M. Jones

in Health / Skin Care    (submitted 2010-04-21)

It is since ancient times that skin care is a topic of consideration, when people possibly took care of their skin by herbal means. Though, skin care has now changed very much. Now, chemical/synthetic skin care products are being replaced by the routine herbal skin care. Previously used herbal recipes are outdated now (most of the people are unaware). This modification from herbal to artificial means of skin care can be due to two reasons - the commercialization of skin care and the laziness (or simply the lack of time). Now even commercialization has been done to the herbal products of skin care. These products are commercialized using preservatives so as to enhance their life span, thereby decreasing the effectiveness than the new ones made at your house. But, now people are learning fast and many people have become aware to use herbal and natural routine skin care. As people don't want to formulate at home so the products related to herbal skin care are in the boon in the commercial market.

So what are the mechanisms for herbal skin care and herbs?

One of the products which are found as the best to herbal skin care involves Aloe Vera. It is obtained from Aloe plant. The Aloe Vera that is freshly extracted is natural hydrant that benefits in soothing skin. Also, it helps in treating burns and healing cuts.

There are some herbs which have cleansing properties. Rosemary, lime flowers, chamomile and dandelion are some of the cleansers. When mixed with other herbs such as tea their properties to care the skin by herbal means get enhanced.

Another significant part for herbal skin care includes antiseptics. Fennel, marigold, lavender and thyme are some of the antiseptics that contain good antiseptic properties. Rose water and lavender water are also good toners.

Tea is also an important source for herbal skin care. The skin disorders due to UV radiations can be treated by the extracts of tea.

Another part for herbal skin care involves the oil that is being extracted from herbal means. Primrose oil, tea tree oil and also lavender oil and borage oil are some examples for herbal skin care. Many fruit oils such as extracts melon, banana and apple are used as hydrating mix in shower gels.

Aromatherapies and homeopathic treatments also come in the family of herbal remedies to care the skin.

It is good to routine herbal skin care as it not only nourishes the skin but also provides treatment to many skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.The advantage of using products related to herbal skin care over synthetic products is that they don't have any harmful effects. In addition, these products can be made easily at home, therefore, are prepared more attractive. Hence, one should go for herbal skin care but not by completely neglecting the synthetic products. Many people also argue with the skin specialist when they prescribe synthetic products. But some skin diseases can only be treated by medication using the synthetic products that are recommended by the dermatologist.