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Nail Colleges Philadelphia   by Loreen Disoza

in Education / Learning Disabilities    (submitted 2011-12-20)

Nails are the windows to your heart, in fact, not only your heart but your overall health. A lot can be determined about your bodily state, whether there are serious ailments or diseases. By taking a look at the nails, health issues can be detected. One can get a brief picture of your health, while you grow your nails. For instance, cracking, dry and brittle nails indicate low levels of calcium, fatty acids, and vitamins A & D, and red nail beds are a warning sign for heart conditions. Now, you don’t want to go through such a state, that’s for sure. Taking good care of your health is important, while having healthy nails to flaunt. Styling the nails is equally essential, just as taking care of the skin and hair. One of the best Nail Colleges in the country, The Vision Beauty Academy, can help you master the talent of keeping your clients perpetually happy with fine-looking nails.

The Vision Beauty Academy has Nail Colleges established with emphasis on Nail Programs that include training in sculptured nails, nail art, and silk wraps. Manicure and pedicure are the main phases of nail care. Therefore, the nail courses we offer are 200 hours long, with 6 weeks full-time, which is almost 2 months, and 10 weeks part time, that is almost 3 months. Many people love to style their nails and would not mind styling someone else’s, too. You can be one such person after completing the course of your respective interest and clearing the state board examination. When you become a successful Manicurist or Nail Technician, you can work in a licensed Cosmetology or Nail Salon. You can even own and handle your own salon through your merit and hard-work.

Among the many Nail Colleges in the United States, The Vision Beauty Academy considers the best for affiliating and guest services. We have expert guest artist and acclaimed salons for special sessions, where our students can learn from professional nail stylists. You will also learn a lot more from our very own instructors. They are trained with The Vision Beauty Academy’s state of the art methods and techniques, and will definitely be in high demand around the United States, as long as they travel.

The Nail Colleges of The Vision Beauty Academy features in various locations of United States, such as Allentown and Ambler. In Philadelphia and Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania, we have affiliated schools to enhance the education process for our students. The guest services that we provide, through well acclaimed guest artists and salons, help students understand how to handle live clients, while exhibiting their training skills. As most people are particular about their nails, one needs to be trained well in mastering the art. You need to be very careful while working on clients as it will either bring you fame or end your career with nails. The expertise of our instructors is worth the demand throughout the United States with state-of-the-art methods and techniques.

You need not worry about getting a job as we help you get one once you clear the State Board Examination. Nail designing is the latest craze among girls at present. They go down well with women of all ages and add on to their sensuality. Students will be taught the fundamentals of making nails look absolutely freaky and fabulous with the use of nail designing techniques. Nicely manicured fingers look not only look stunning, but also look stylish as they reflect a sense of personal hygiene.

The Vision Beauty Academy has one of the best Nail Colleges which is truly essential if starting a new salon in the near future. Few clients will stay with you for life. Learning how to convert them into permanent ones is what you need to learn and we make you do just that. US Bureau of labor statistics suggests that, employment prospects for a nail technician will be on the rise for years to come. With the increasing number of nails salon and spas, you don’t want to left out of such a golden opportunity.

Getting into the one of the finest Nail Colleges is something you won’t regret. Consider becoming a Manicurist, if you’re willing to give your clients a sense of contentment by giving them manicures, pedicures and various nail solutions. It’s only until the time you complete your training, get your license and from here on, the sky is the limit, for your finances and future. Getting into this beauty business is exceedingly rewarding and this industry is for individuals who have a passion for fashion and nail care. If you are one of them, enroll yourself in one of our institutions and we will pave your way to personal growth and success for life.