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Nail Care in Pekingese Dogs   by Milos Obrenovic

in Family / Pets    (submitted 2019-04-27)

A Pekingese is a small breed of dog which has its origins in China. They have a broad, flat face with a small black nose, eyes which are round and set wide apart, floppy ears and a compact body. They have straight hair and look like a bundle of fur. Though affectionate, they are also temperamental and can be stubborn just to prove a point.


They have to be raised carefully and have to be taught house rules when young. The trick to successful behavior is applying rules consistently. Since it is a breed which has rubbed shoulders with royalty for hundreds of years, some of the royal characteristics seem to have rubbed off on them and they need care while handling and grooming. Proper training makes nail care easier.


Trimming the nails on a Pekingese dog is important. Usually you will have to trim the dog's nails about once a month, but at times longer intervals may be ok. If you hear the click of the nails on the floor, when the dog walks or runs about, then it's time to cut it. Remember if the nail is cut in a wrong fashion, it can cause immense pain to the dog, a situation which should be avoided at all costs. The best approach to nail care is to get your Vet to give you a demonstration on how to cut it. Once you know the technique, you can attempt it yourself.


Before you attempt to trim a Pekingese dog's nails, ensure you have all the right tools for the job. For nail care you will need Nail Clippers for Dogs, nail file, styptic powder and dog treats. Be confident when clipping nails, if you are nervous, the dog will sense your unease and may start to fidget.

Use the following steps to trim the nails:

Use only a nail clipper designed for dogs. Never use one intended for humans. It will not work well on a dog's nails and it can cause injury too.

Be seated comfortably and place the dog in a comfortable position on your lap or on the floor.

Put your dog at ease by talking to him in a calm, gentle and soothing tone. When the dog is at ease, the trimming will proceed smoothly.

Hold the paw firmly but gently and spread the toes. Be careful not to cut into the quick. It will bleed and cause the dog a lot of pain. Start at the tip of the nail and snip a little bit at a time. Stop snipping when you see pale pink tissue at the top of the cutting edge. You can now use a nail file to smoothen the edges.

If you accidentally cut the quick, apply pressure using styptic powder or cotton till the bleeding stops. Leave the blood clot in place.

Always finish off a nail cutting session with a reward.


A Pekingese dog could injure its toenail during normal activity. If it is bleeding, apply pressure with cotton or gauze, till it stops. Gently wash the paw with warm, soapy water. If it is just torn, clip the damaged portion. If the whole nail has come loose, it is best to consult a vet. Regular nail care is important for a Pekingese dog's well-being.