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[Cosmetics] Cosmetics Buy Rational Choice of Cosmetics   by Souter

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Cosmetics purchase

A wide range of cosmetics on the market, an array of the Products and say how good, dazzling, a loss, how to do it? According to the following principles to select.

1, according to their actual situation

According to the nature of their skin and cosmetics, the scope of application of choice.

If the skin is dry, the choice of cleansing cosmetics, avoid using soap. Should use a mild facial cleanser, cleansing cream, neutral or weakly acidic skin cleanser in the pH range of skin decontamination. Rely on raw materials in mineral oil such as cleansing cream, dissolving oil-soluble dirt and water to dissolve water-soluble dirt, small skin irritation, do not remove fresh sebum in the epidermis, leaving a layer of moisture film after use, especially apply to dry skin, apply. Common cleanser is the active agent of an amino acid, contains all kinds of nutrients washed skin smooth and comfortable, the ideal of supplies of conventional net surface.

When choosing skin care products, dry skin, autumn, winter should be used in micro alkaline Cream, because it has to moisturize the skin to prevent skin dryness or rough effect. Should be used in the summer honey products. Selection of make-up water, basic nutrition, water is suitable, it can adjust the skin surface pH and dissolved the cuticle of aging.

People with oily skin usually also applied the cleansing efforts to strong cleaning agents. Such as soap, emulsion remover oil, such as with acne, the best weekly die Piga mask a thorough cleansing. People with oily skin should use a slightly acidic cream Xia Jiyi moisture content of more honey or lotion cosmetics, and can be acidic contraction of water to the prevention of grease caused by too much off the makeup.

Normal skin in between, can be used as appropriate.

In addition, it should be selected according to age. Young women can choose an moisturizing the skin and color Guangyan beauty skin cream, and bright lipstick, rouge and changes colorful eye shadow, etc., in order to increase the charm of youth, middle-aged women should be in order to conserve the skin as the focus, choose to wrinkle, Yanshuai type of activity based nutrition care to help product.

The purchase of cosmetics should be the middle of the color of those hazy elegant, avoid over-bright, bright, soft, elegant makeup. The summer should focus on the selection of anti-ultraviolet function of cosmetics.

2, there must be security, anti-bad sense of

To check whether the trademark cosmetics, production date, manufacturer name, and health permit, number in the purchase of cosmetics. Drug cosmetics should also be noted that with or without the approval number of the health sector. In appearance. Pay attention to the cosmetics packaging is intact, abnormal odor, with or without shape changes, Cream products with or without oil-water stratification, bubbles, etc.. If you buy in bulk cosmetics, with particular attention without microbial contamination, such as paste mentioned discoloration, mildew, odors, plastic bags, Inflatable and other.

In addition, the purchase of cosmetics should be taken to a small package do not buy the big package with the principles with the buy. Has its biological active period because many nutritional type, medicinal plants, so the cosmetics accordingly the validity of their own health, should be in the best utility of use.

3, not mixed with each of the goods

Contains a variety of chemical constituents in the cosmetics, cosmeceuticals contain different medicines are to each other function varies. More features, the more complex composition, if used in conjunction with the different manufacturers, different brands, different varieties of cosmetics. Very easy to make one of the different chemical composition, pharmaceutical ingredients interaction of chemical reaction is not conducive to the skin, allergic reactions or cause skin, such as heavy pigment, such as dermatitis, cheilitis, and some degree of damage even to the point of disfigurement.

Take some time on the skin to adapt to a cosmetic, frequent replacement makes the skin all day, struggling to cope with a variety of different stimuli, not a good adaptation and adjustment, the results can only be accelerated skin aging and decline. Therefore, a period or time make-up, should make full use of the same series of cosmetics.

Frequent replacement will increase the allergenic rate cosmetics, such as the need to use the new cosmetics, you should first allergy test, that is, take a little cosmetics applied to the inside of the forearm, an area of ​​about 2 cm, coated two times a day, and even painted three days, if no redness, itching and pain, you can use.

4, not demanding brand name

Selection of cosmetics should be the same as treatment symptomatic medicine is good medicine does not lie in the price are equal. This applies in particular to choose the basis of skin care products, because Each person's skin texture, skin problems. Therefore, during the conservation of the skin, nourishing and fortifying nutrients and get rid of bad material supplies choice be extra emphasis on "targeted"

Foreign cosmetics is mostly developed for their own skin, not necessarily suitable for the Chinese people, developed by our own skin care cosmetics, the most suitable for the nature of the yellow people's skin. Ministry of Health had statistics show that in many of the crowd to cause all kinds of skin diseases due to cosmetics, nearly half of patients with imported advanced skin care products, many of whom are so-called best-selling brand-name. So, the blind unnecessarily higher price of imported advanced skin care products.

Cosmetics make-up class, the idea may wish to use a good quality, reputable brand-name products, prevent skin damage due to inferior and stricken, in general, excellent cosmetics plant a new product, the total anti- repeatedly for a variety of sound measurement and test, to ensure that harmful to humans; and brand-name cosmetics often been used by many people confirmed that works well only well-known. Therefore, the use of such cosmetics safety factor.

5, have their own judgment

Cosmetics to buy according to their economic condition, not a superstition, and the pursuit of expensive cosmetics.

Not to determine the product is good or bad flavor. The spices are pet cosmetic indispensable. Many women this is quite a preference, even to the smell of melting short or not as a measure of cosmetics ideal. In fact, in cosmetics. In particular, the basic skin care products, choose those spices just to meet the odor on the needs of the cosmetic use of additives in skin care, did not work, anti-face skin stimulation. The more complex spice ingredients, the greater the amount of the heavier, stimulate, the more likely to cause skin irritation.