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Believe it or Not, You Can Do Your Nail Care At Home   by Jen Hopkins

in Health    (submitted 2010-10-31)

Growing up, we realize how important nail care is in our daily lives. More people become more conscious about the way that they look which is why they ensure that they are presentable all the time. Particularly with the nails, people relate these with hygiene. If a person maintains clean nails, people are often impressed.

People think of the nail salon when it comes to this concern. For the longest time, a lot of us thought that we would have to pay in order to have the nails properly groomed. In fact, this can actually be done right at home without having to spend anything at all.

A nail care kit is necessary when you start with your home manicure. You would have to make sure that you have a nail cutter, pusher, nail file, nail buffer or clear polish in your kit. These are just the basic things that you should have to start with your nails.

Soak the hands in water for 15 minutes prior to the manicure. This will soften the cuticles and the hand, making it easier to handle the fingernails. It starts with trimming the nails at a desired length. It must not be too long or too short. File the nails to get the shape that you want. As a final touch to your nail care routine, you can either buff the nails or apply gloss to make them look shiny.

Lemon juice is often used in nail care because its benefits. First, apply lemon juice on the nails using a cotton ball. This will keep the nails shiny, healthy and strong. Second, this is used to soak the nails to remove discoloration. The soak is prepared with 1 table spoon lemon juice in every 1 cup of water. Nails must at least be soaked for 15 minutes.