Thanks to our CEDIA 2014 Breakfast Panel

Thanks to our CEDIA 2014 Breakfast Panel

Simon Wehr, Nasran Thierer, Samantha Smith, Lauren Theobald, Deena Ghazarian



Our vision is to provide women in the consumer electronics industry an environment promoting networking and professional growth through the development of relationships and new opportunities.

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We introduced Women In CE Connect at the 2014 "Power Up Your Network Forum" and since then we've received several applicants. We're very excited with its success and want everyone to get involved as the program will kick off soon. If you haven't signed up yet, this is opportunity to do so.

What is Women In CE Connect?

Women In CE Connect is focused on creating a Women in CE community to encourage and support women to connect in to their ambitions. If we talk openly about our professional growth and obstacles like gender issues and work together to tackle them we believe we can change the trajectory of women and create a better world for all of us.

The Women In CE Connect program works best with 8-10 individuals per group. We will do our best to organize each group based upon their time zone. The time commitment for the conference call will be approximately 1.5 hours per month. Each participant will be asked to suggest topics for the group. Each group will have a facilitator to guide the discussions, encourage participation among each participant and help direct the group's progress.

We encourage you to join as either a group participant or facilitator. You will also be able to suggest educational and exploratory topics when you register.

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Women in CE is pleased to announce our 2015 Legacy Award Honorees today!

Read all about it! 2015 Legacy Award Honorees Announced Today!

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